Make one happy, #fuckeverybodyelseofffriday and other fings…

by sharongooner

Hello. Thanks for joining me. This is a bit of a breakaway from my usual blog stuff, it is not about the government fucking the country up before our very eyes, neither does it relate to something musical. It’s about me, my feelings, real hard deep shit.

I take you back to late Thursday evening, if you will. I was having a too and fro convo as per usual with many of you on twitter. I like twitter. I received a DM from a nice chap I follow. He shall remain nameless, it is not necessary to name him. He said “you are exactly what twitter is all about. You reply to everybody who @’s you” and I said something along the lines of “oh, shut up!!” I was flattered, but then I thought, isn’t that what we all do anyway? Am I over nice? Anyway, he went on to tell me he had arranged a friendly football match in memory of a friend who had sadly passed away from leukemia 3 years ago, and how he still feels so very sad when he looks into the eyes of the poor guy’s parents. I told him they probably feel immense pride that you are doing it, and you should feel happy with yourself, not sad.

This is the good side of twitter, the ability to form a trust/bond with a complete stranger you are highly likely to ever meet, and feel you can share your innermost thoughts.  Mostly high’s, sometimes lows. For me, there is always somebody at the end of the line. And we must always remember that when we go through a bad spell.

Bad spells. There seem to be an avalanche of them at the moment. I don’t know if it is a sign the honeymoon period is over, I do hope not. But I am seeing more and more of us having them on twitter, because of twitter. Here, I will tell you a story.

I used to use many message boards before I discovered twitter. I admit I was a rather prolific/avid poster on all of them. And I championed against anonymity. I hated anonymous users. There was nothing to endear me to them. They used to battle back. I was always having to deal with someone having a pop at me. “Don’t be so open, stop putting pictures up, don’t reveal personal details” they would say. Well I had nothing to hide. I am a happily married lady with a brilliant family, I am not scouting for a cam wank, just want to share a few laughs on line instead of sitting brain dead infront of a television with fuck all on it. Oh I set myself up nicely for my fall. A big fucking fall.

Someone, I am still not sure if it was a male or female, I am pretty sure it was a female, maybe jealous that people liked me (yeah…. THAT crime), decided to troll me. It had copied lots of pictures of me, it googled me and found stuff from other sites and it joined every message board on the planet pretending to be me, and then it spent 48 hours NON STOP posting about me on a moderated *cough* message board. Oh and it didn’t stop there. It had a bit of sleep, then it signed me up to every porn site going! Looking back it is quite worrying how one single person gets a kick out of causing so much upset. Luckily for me, my being prolific meant I had connections with most of the site’s it was posting on pretending to be me, and was alerted and it was dealt with pretty swiftly. it did actually make me cry though, which is not really acceptable. I don’t come on the internet for this sort of stuff.

So, when twitter came along it was perfect for me. These stalker types are now short lived because they do not get the audience they got on message boards. You block and move on. It must grate on them though, how will they get their kicks now? I no longer use the boards, I have hooked up with those that I bonded with on them via facebook/email/phone. And I do class them as friends, be it cyber ones only. Saying that, I have met some friends I met via myspace some years ago, and we have remained friends. I also met some real life tweeters at a party last week, but I had been drinking all day at football and made a despicable fool of myself and barely remember it.

Anyway, before this turns into endless waffle, I will get to the point I was trying to make when I started this blog. Follow fucking Friday. What. A. Joke.

I used to do it avidly when I was all new and yet to pop my twitter cherry. Then I stopped being so enthusiastic about it. Now, I thank people for their ones on me, out of politeness. I’d rather just tell them to not bother, but I just cannot be that rude. Afterall it would be against the spirit of it. I am following all the recommended people, and most are following me back. I am happy with the ratio thing, and I am not precious about following new people, it just does not have to be on a Friday. Great folk come along at all times on twitter and if I see a funny RT, I have a look at their page and if they seem cool I follow them, yes, I do that all by myself!

So, Friday came along and after my exchange the previous night I was in a pretty good mood. A long time follower posted jokingly that his follower count was dipping, I did a #ff for him, in similar jokey spirit saying that folk should follow him because he is busy working his arse off in the sake of comedy. Well…. what a fucking can of hornets nests that disturbed. I was suddenly inundated with basically abuse. “Why should we follow him, he has loads of followers?” “fuck off, follow me back” “Why do you never follow friday me?” it went on and on, DM’s the lot.

So, I won’t be partaking in follow friday any longer on any level. Shame really because when I do them, they are meaningful, from the heart, worthy mentions. Not just a 140 character list of @’s that pass us all by (is it just me that thinks this?)

I won’t lie, I am guilty of having a sulk at being unfollowed, or people not following back, that sort of hypocrisy goes hand in hand with twitter if I (we) are honest. But for fuck’s sake don’t abuse me for something that is meant in good spirit.

ps. I also want to say that it is not just famous folk who get abused on line. I am glad some of them do because it opens their eyes to what the rest of us have been battling against for sometime.

Keep it real people x