“Can I interview you?” “Who for?” Twitter.

by sharongooner



This sounded like a brilliant idea in my head at 3am when I could not sleep. I’m starting to try to move on from my recent sluggish existence and as much as it is slow and I still have some obstacles to overcome, I am slowly feeling some fight coming back into me. Much of this is from accepting what I can’t change, and focusing more on changes that I can make. Sounds so simple! Basically I am starting to set goals, and do my utmost to reach them. So last night there I was, awake but not troubled for once actually doing this, making plans, and I came up with this. It is not new concept, but it is new to me, and hopefully to many of you too, and I think the worst that could happen is we have a bit of fun. The best that can happen is that it is a huge success, and we learn a bit about the amazing people behind twitter.




I have found since being on here that my life has gone in all directions, as have many of yours, it moves unbelievably fast. The one thing that I love is that the wall between famous and unfamous has slowly been taken down, brick by brick. If you are brave enough to tweet a “famous” you will nine times out of ten find that they are human, just like us lot, I KNOW RIGHT! Everybody loves a reply or a response from someone you have @’d, it can put a smile on a fan’s face, change their day. And to be honest if it wasn’t for us “unfamous” I think twitter would be quite boring. Okay I’m waffling so I will move on.


I would like to hold twitter based interviews with you, via the direct message facility. I will ask a question and you can answer, using as many replies as it takes. I will have some structured questions, but what I’m really looking for is for it to be as natural as a real life interview, so if your response means we meander off that would be great. I would like to do one a week, and blog the interview, uncut, for twitter to read.


Obviously I would like to ask some twitter based questions, but it would be great if we (you) could be as candid as possible in replying, there are some massively interesting characters on here, not just the big guns and although I am dying to get (some of) them involved, it is really just about adding a bit of interesting real life background, whoever you are. I hope that one week I may be interviewing a famous author, and the next I’m interviewing John from Manchester who works in Ikea, but writes fabulously funny jokes, or Anne from Dunstable, about the successful blog  she wrote about bringing up children, or Pete from Somerset who posts amazingly upbeat posts on twitter despite suffering from a terminal illness.


I understand few prefer to be anonymous, for good reason, so would understand if they do not wish to participate, but most of us love talking, and finding out a bit more about each other, and generally enjoy cyber company. Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than someone paying an interest in your life, and many of you have done this for me recently, but I have been so wrapped up in a bubble I barely noticed. I have now and I genuinely think this will be a fun way to give back.


I would love your feedback on this, whether you think it’s just a stupid idea, if you have any experience of doing anything similar, any hints/tips, and if you would like to take part. I am looking for a guinea pig soon so be warned! Look, I aint no Michael Parkinson, but I like to feel I have a good rapport with most people so let’s give it a shot yeah?


I leave myself  in your capable hands twitter…..