Rape LOL.

by sharongooner

Laughter has unbelievable benefits. Comedy is a godsend. Thankfully we are blessed in this world that we have some amazingly talented, funny people who manage to carve a living from combining their skills. The benefits are endless, but here is a short list:

1. It reduces mental stress
2. It can change your mood state
3. Helps develop your own sense of humour
4. Helps overcome grief
5. Alleviates fear and anxiety
6. Great for anger management
7. Attracts us to others
8. Enhances resilience
9. Helps diffuse conflict
10. Potentially push a victim of rape to suicide.

Great list of benefits isn’t it? I don’t think all comedians can count past single numbers though because number 10 is commonly shunned.

This is a serious mental health issue, it isn’t like death jokes, it isn’t like racist jokes, it isn’t like jokes about disability. It’s the same and worse, and should be discounted as such.

Victims of rape often talk about their ‘triggers’, until you’ve been through it, you won’t understand, but it’s about time you did. For some just seeing the word RAPE in any context is too much. To see it in a ‘joke’ or hear it, will trigger many women to go through their good old ‘nobody believes me’ thoughts, and propel them back to horrendous places in their minds. I shake. I get terrible anxiety and feel physically sick. 12 months ago was the last time I self harmed and wanted to end my life.

I am a heck of a lot better than I was, but I am scared. I am scared I will be caught unaware one day and be sent back down. I don’t want that to happen, and I don’t want it to happen to the many ladies whom I am friends with who feel the same. We are a tiny minority, and at times like this we feel very vulnerable.

I would give anything, ANYTHING, for a big hitting, respectable comedian to stand up and denounce this trend. Tell their colleagues they are wrong. And tell them why.

Did you hear the one about rape? Unfortunately yes.

Please, lets stop this. Please.

Yours, in tears.

SG. x