by sharongooner


ick blog, forgive any mistakes I am on my Android phone and it is shit.

Many of you who follow me used to follow LOLLY. @Lollyknickers was a pure one off, funny, original tweeter. She made me roar with laughter daily, and even when she was moaning she did it in a fucking funny way.

I must admit, since she left Twitter even I have found myself using it less, because that LOLLY shaped hole will never be filled. But she left for important reasons, her marriage and family. She isn’t returning.

A few months down the line, and after counselling for her anxiety and other related issues, she was where she wanted to be. Family stuff all nice and content, and a job she enjoys. A year ago she barely left the house, so, you see, those things we take for granted, that was all she wanted, and she finally got them. Perfect.

And then life decides no, stuff your contentment, and deals you another, nasty hand.

Lolly has breast cancer. She is going in for surgery this Wednesday. She is a worrybag of nerves, and all the things that she battled to beat and did, are surfacing.

It is her birthday Sunday too.

I’ve written this because I want her to kill me. Obviously.

No, I’ve written it so that her old cyber friends on Twitter can leave some unlimited length messages in the comments section and I can pass them to her. I know many of you miss her and are not in touch, and I’m sure it will give her a boost to hear from you.

So, do please fill your boots with some positive LOLLYLOVE and birthday wishes.

Thank you. X