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Q cannot be serious?

Dear  Members of Twitter, Friends on Facebook, and editor of Q Magazine Paul Rees.

As you maybe aware (or not if you are Paul Rees, just yet, bear with me Paul) I recently asked you to contribute to my internet based poll on who your favorite frontman and woman are of all time. (You may now get the gist of where this is leading Paul, I do hope you are still reading). I will briefly explain why I was prompted into such a task.

On Saturday morning I was lazing around, browsing twitter and various music links and articles. I somehow landed up on a page from It was titled “Oasis’ Liam Gallagher voted as best frontman ever” by Ann Lee. I found myself frowning and wiping the late night wine induced sleep crumbs from the corners of my eyes. Really? I thought. REALLY? How? I read on.

“1000’s of Readers voted” “beat the likes of Freddie Mercury and Bono”. Now hang about… WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHERS? I’ve nothing against Oasis, in fact I rather like their music, well, the anthem’s that you can’t help but know all the words to like Wonderwall, and I’m also a bit of a fan of Noel’s efforts at singing. But I never in a million years of no music would have thought they were the most popular amongst “1000’s” of music appreciators (unless the poll was ran by the Oasis Fan Club).

Anyway, I decided to relax a bit. Maybe it was just me. But it played on my mind. I know from my experience on twitter how vast and varied music interests of just 5 or 10 people can be, and I was finding it more and more difficult to accept this. So… I ran my own poll. I asked on Twitter and Facebook for people to give me their views. I also opened it up a bit and asked for their best female. Debbie Harry made it into number 12 of Q’s poll for frontMAN, so obviously some of the readers have a taste for something different (although I’d question their ability to differentiate between the male and female form, but I won’t pick hairs….) so I thought to make the poll as open and CLEAR and honest as possible to collate both answers.

Before I go further, this is “Britain’s Biggest Music Magazine’s” top 20 as voted by their readers:

The top 20 for Q’s greatest frontman is as follows (figures courtesy of Q magazine via ):

1) Liam Gallagher
2) Bono
3) Freddie Mercury
4) Damon Albarn
5) Chris Martin
6) Matt Bellamy
7) Jim Morrison
8 ) Bob Marley
9) Paul McCartney
10) John Lennon
11) Robbie Williams
12) Debbie Harry
13) Mick Jagger
14) Morrissey
15) John Lydon
16) James Brown
17) Bruce Springsteen
18) Robert Plant
19) Tom Meighan
20) Joe Strummer.

Now I got a response from 145 people voting for their best male front man, now I know it’s nowhere near “1000’s” but even this small group of voters gave me 80 INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS between them! 80… EIGHTY! That’s a mighty lot of front men.

For the female I got 79 people nominating theirs and they gave me a sexy list of 33 beautiful front-of-band ladies.

Now this shows me two things. I follow (and am followed by) people who do not automatically vote for what is popular with the masses, but it also made me question whether the Q poll has been somewhat manipulated. Because I’m sure if I’d have had 1000’s of responses I would have had even more unusual/less popular artists nominated rather than one or two outstanding ones getting all the votes. I’m sure we will never know, but I am far happier and accepting of the results of my 224 voters (total) than I am with the Q magazine voters. Therefore my results are conclusive. And over-rule any previous poll. (I hope you’re still reading Paul).

So I’ve nothing more really to say than to thank you ALL for taking part. The debates that occurred via facebook were interesting, and people of twitter, you were amazing as always (exceptions: @hand_of_ike for taking about 6 replies before deciding, @mandrewB for constantly changing his mind, @themagicorange for his outstanding provocative description of Ian Curtis in less than 140 characters, @taranoodle for naming her every favorite solo artist in the history of music (ditto to @quantick), @biltawulf (just bless, as always), whoever said “Edward from Jedward, @leeboardman (Blacklace were a DUO, Lee).

As always it was a laugh, it was meant to provoke fun and lively debate, and certainly distracted me from the impending dark cloud that seems to be descending over this great country of ours.

Your best Male frontman EVER:

1ST: Freddie Mercury (21 votes)

2ND: Morrissey (10 votes)

3RD: (5 votes each) Johnny Rotten, Iggy Pop, Roger Daltry, Liam Gallagher

4TH:(4 votes each) Ian Curtis, Thom Yorke

5TH: (3 votes each) David Byrne, Mick Jagger, Michael Stipe, Bonn Scott

6TH: (2 votes each) Joe Strummer, Shane McGowan, Ian Dury, Jim Morrison, Bono, Mark E Smith, Anthony Kiedis, Mike Patton, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Tom Meighan, Bob Marley

7TH place with one vote each (nobody finishes last, you see. Ain’t my polls nice?)

Kele Okereke, Dave Gahan, Bruce Dickinson, Davey Havok, George Clinton, Ian Brown, Brandon Flowers, Kevin Rowland, Joe Cocker, Brian Johnson, Ian Gillan, Howling Wolf, Donny Osmond, Chris Martin, James Brown, Terry Hall, Marti Pellow, Steve Tyler, Peter Gabriel, Tim Boothe, Dave Bartram, Paul Weller, Robert Plant, Bowie, Evan Dando, Jon Spencer, H from Steps, Dave Lee Roth, Mark Knopfler, Justin Hawkins, Mark Lanegan, Eddie Argos, Scott Wieland, Liam o’ Maonlai, Jim Kerr, Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osborn, Gary Barlow, Wayne Coyne, Jimmy Summerville, Ian McCullugh, David St Hubbing, John Fogarty, Johnny Ray, Paul Stanley, Limahl, Billy Corgan, Adam Duritz, Marc Bolan, Julian Casablanca, Jarvis Cocker, Bobby Gillespie, Johnny Cash, Noddy Holder, Prince, Steve Marriott.

Best Frontman

Best Frontman

Your best female frontwoman ever:

1ST: Debbie Harry (24 votes)

2ND: Karen O (6 votes)

3RD: Chrissie Hynde (5 votes)

4TH: Gwen Stefani (4 votes)

5TH: (3 votes each) Courtney Love, P J Harvey, Annie Lennox, Siouxsie Sioux, Tina Turner, Patti Smith

6TH: (2 votes each) Susi Quattro, Sandy Denny, Bjork, Mama Cass, Sharleen Spitari.

7TH: (1 vote each) Alison Goldfrapp, Mary Weiss, Pauline Black, Wanda Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Poly Styrene, Diana Ross, Justine Frischmann, Nina Hagan, Peaches, Kate Bush,  Carol Decker, Cerys Matthews, Nico, Wendy James, Belinda Carlisle, Stevie Nicks, Louise Wener.

Best Frontwoman

Best Frontwoman

And that is all. For now. Until next time, GOODBYE! (I hope you enjoyed that Paul, no offence was intended, love and kisses x)


“If Twitter tells me there is a better guitarist than Gary Moore I will delete my account and eat my pets”

Well. It was a pretty usual run of the mill Thursday evening, half a bottle of wine down and sharing my weekly watch of Question Time with Twitter. I love how Twitter can either enhance a televisual experience or completely distract from one. With Question Time it is the former, for sure. However this week, it turned into the Kelvin MacKenzie show, he was being far more wanky than usual. I think I lost it when he said “Even weird countries like Finland have serious problems with gun crime”. What’s weird about Finland?!

I turned the tv down at that point and stuck my headphones on, and probably poured some more wine. Parisienne Walkways came on and I was in my own little musical heaven. Kelvin MacKenzie didn’t exist, it was the perfect moment. That was when I updated my Twitter with the title of this blog.

I didn’t realise that 84 characters (plus spaces) would lead to some great debate and culminating in what may be the best most honest cross-section vote of people, not to mention more writing than I have done since I did my A level Law. Plus about 8 hours sleep over three nights.

As you started gracing me with your replies of your own favorite artists I thought rather than just fanny around as usual I could do something useful, because your suggestions and reasoning were some of the best twitter discussion I have ever had. So I opened a poll, and oh boy you enthusiastically played along!

The poll closed at 5pm Friday. Then it got drunkenly reopened at 11.45pm Friday when the late nighter’s realised they had missed it. I kept it open for most of Saturday too. Then it got reopened at 1.20am Sunday for even more drink sodden, wonderful contributions.

Since then I have been catching up with sleep and collating all the information. I’m no genius at computers so it was old fashioned paper and pen and lots of retracing conversations.

So. All in all you named a staggering 107 guitarists as your personal favorites. 214 votes were cast. What I loved about this is it really showed what a diverse bunch we are. This fact is proved in the results, which, I’m trying to get too. (I like talking, you see).

The out and out winner, obviously was The late Great Jimi Hendrix. He got 23 votes.  Second was Johnny Marr. He was put forward by 10 of you. And in 3rd place, was Slash. With 7 votes. In joint place also on 7 was Prince.

I was more than happy with this top three, 40 votes, you have to accept the public’s choice. Im as far from a music snob as you can get, although I do find music snobs quite sexy when you get them into a debate, and I like doing this often. Most of my morning tweets are generally a verse or chorus of whatever I’m listening to on my ipod (predominantly Bowie/The Cure/Kasabian/Stone Roses/The Ramones, with some 80’s pop thrown in) and  I like doing that. Unfortunately Alan Davies didn’t like this, and he unfollowed me and called me a dullard. ON MY BIRTHDAY. (Honestly, I am over that).

I enjoyed every minute of this, and enjoyed the lively discussions I had with each and every one of you, it certainly provoked a lot of excitement from most. The full list of each artist nominated will follow below. I can’t name you all, although I do have the handwritten results complete with your usernames incase anybody wants to challenge me (you fucking dare!).

Things I have learnt:

1. Twitter is diverse, colourful, intelligent, daft, lovely.

2. I will probably never do a poll again, unless I am paid a princely sum.

3. I’ve learnt to do a basic blog! (I’m not yet sure if this is a good or bad thing).

4. I need a new Ipod to fill with all the new music I have discovered through this poll.

So, with that, I will shut up and leave you to browse the results:

1st. Jimi Hendrix (23 votes)

2nd. Johnny Marr (10 votes)

3rd. Slash (7 votes)

”     . Prince (7 votes)

4th. Eric Clapton (6 votes)

”      . John Squire (6 votes)

5th. Dave Gilmore (5 votes)

”      . Mark Knopfler (5 votes)

”      . Gary Moore (5 votes)

6th. Robert Fripp (4 votes)

”      . George Harrison (4 votes)

”      . Mick Ronson (4 votes)

”      . Stevie Ray Vaughn (4 votes)

”      . Rory Gallagher (4 votes)

7th. Django Reinhard (3 votes)

”      . Carlos Alomar (3 votes)

”      . Graham Coxon (3 votes)

”      . Tom Morello (3 votes)

”      . Jimmy Page (3 votes)

”      . Brian May (3 votes).

The following all in a massive joint 8th received 2 nominations each:

Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan, Wilco Johnson, Matt Bellamy, Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Johnny Greenwood, Chuck Berry, Pete Townsend, Buddy Guy, Eddie Phillips, Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Cropper, BB King, James Dean Bradfield, Les Paul, Bo Didley, Jack White, John Martyn, Joe Santriana.

And lastly this sexy 69 got 1 nomination each:

Foy Vance, Frank Zappa, Danny Gatton, Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, James Jamerson, Tom Verlaine, Lol Creme, David Bowie, Pete Shelley, Nile Rogers (who I have since found on Twitter and he is BRILLIANT), Richard Thompson, Stevie Vai, Lou Reed, Billy Corgan, Davey Graham, Burt Weedon, Ian Griffiths, Derek Bailey, Dave Grohl, Jeff Healy, Dave Navarro, Will Seargent, Peter Bucks, Angus Young, Mark King, Bruce Springsteen, Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Jim Heath, Nigel Tufnell, Joe Strummer, Dave Mustaine, Sonny Sharrock, Wendy Melvoin, Vicky Peterson, Jack Johnson, Neil Schon, Tony Lomi, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Kirk Hamnett, Joe Perry, Porl Thompson, Robbie Robertson, Joey Santiago, Janice From The MUPPETS, Walter Trout, Jerry Garcia, Jose Feliciano, Mike Campbell, Ronnie Wood, Steve Craddock, Hank Marvin, Sheryl Crowe, Ritchie Sambora, Phil Collen, Lindsay Buckingham, Flea, Paul Simonon, Archer Prewitt, Candice Marie Pratt, Brian Setzer, Tracy Chapman, Luke Crowther, Kevin Shields, Angus Young, Johnny Greenwood.

Look at them all, One Hundred and bloody seven guitarists. And I didn’t have Suggs or Al Murray to fight nobodies corner. Watch and learn Wossy, watch and learn.

Thanks for playing along, listening, and generally being a good bunch. I will now delete my account and get the dog out of the oven, she should be nice and rare by now. Bye!

P.S. Stop the press! A graphical analysis has now been added:

Graphical analysis courtesy of RedEaredRabbit, Chief Statistician to Sharongooner’s blog.